Natalie’s TunaHAKI Supporters


Fred Pausch

* Lenora & Jerry Pausch

* Dalton & Mason Storm

Howl At The Moon

Ben Marquis

Eric Coleman

Steve Barnes

Chris McIntosh

Kenneth C. Suslow

Ronnie Morgan

Chris Brown

Betty Oswandel

Carrie Calidill


Leeann Stone

Desiree Nelson

Noel Bastien

Paradox Entertainment

AJ & Hillary Lentini

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Asley Gain

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Alvin Forbes

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Andrea Lockhart

Denny Keplar

Joey Bybee

Doug Marshall

Matt Malliski

Christina Cain

Kelly & Annie Walters

Donna Rodriguez

Names will be added here and in the film credits whenever a donation to the film is made in Natalie’s name.

“TunaHAKI for Natalie” fundraiser

The fundraiser in Natalie’s honor went beyond expectations. Natalie’s best friends, Missy and Mason Storm (yes, there’s two of us), organized the event a
t Universal City Walk’s Howl At The Moon. Despite rain, the house was packed and the phenomenal staff rallied selling raffle tickets, homemade baked goods, “2 dollar TunaHAKI shots” and the shirts off their backs - literally. Other supporters and even the wait-staff made additional donations

to the film’s fund. The General Manager, Jason Anderson dropped by on his night off to donate in person. It was an incredible outpouring of support from those who knew and loved Natalie. And although the t-shirts read “TunaHAKI for Natalie” it was really the other way around - in Natalie’s name and spirit the event raised over $6,000 and it is rumored their are ‘matching funds’ coming from other donors.

Thank you once again to Mase, Missy, the entire Howl at the Moon staff and patrons, and of course Natalie.

- Mason 


Mason with Missy & Mase Storm at Howl At The Moon Jan. 27th, 2007