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Witness the orphans of Tunahaki journey from their modest orphanage at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro all the way to the United States. Organizers hope to raise money to build a permanent home for these unique orphans that study acrobatics! From Tanzania to Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, the children embark on a journey that changes their lives forever. But the big question raised – are the orphans better for it?

As citizens of the world it is imperative that we examine the consequences of our best intentions. Over the past decade philanthropists have been wrestling with the idea that foreign charity may occasionally do more harm than good especially when it comes to Africa, home to 14 of the 20 poorest countries on the planet. This season, we encourage you to rent and share the story of Tunahaki and start your own conversation.

Charitable giving increases as much as 42% during November and December. As we grow closer to the holiday months we encourage you to watch and share the thought-provoking journey of the children of Tunahaki. Once available only on DVD, you can now stream Tunahaki live through Amazon Instant Video. There’s not a better time to watch, get inspired, and start the conversation!

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